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Shipping, Return & refund policy


If you purchase your product(s) and it states they have an electronic delivery method or download, you will receive the required product/license key in an email the same day your order is confirmed.

What is a product/license key?

A  product/license key is the serial number or product code that activates a product. This is usually a combination of numbers and letters.

Return & refund

As the items offered on our store are digitally delivered, we cannot accommodate order cancellation, returns, modifications or exchanges.

Please note, we will only issue a replacement on defective Product Keys.

Please ensure your replacement request does not meet any of the following restrictions before attempting a replacement request.

  1. Incorrect purchases

We cannot issue a refund or replacement if a customer has purchased an incorrect product and/or the product is not compatible. We endeavour to make the product compatibility as clear and visible as possible, and we cannot be responsible for any incorrect purchases.


example 1, purchases a windows software package for a Mac machine

example 2, purchases a product suitable for windows 10 only, but has a windows 8 operating system.

  1. Installation and/or Activation Issues

Our support team is ready to help with any issues you have with your purchased Product Key, therefore before actioning a refund, we endeavour to resolve any issues with you.

During this process, we reserve the right to request digital images, such as a screenshot of the code being entered and the error encountered to help us investigate the issue.

In some cases, we may need to use remote-based access and support software, such as Teamviewer, to resolve your issue.

Refunds and/or replacements will only be issued in cases where we have been allowed access to fully investigate and are unsolvable.


  1. Product Use Issues

For product-related issues, such as making a new document in Word, or program not responding issues, please contact Microsoft or view their online support available here.

  1. Order Cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel any incoming order which it might believe to be of suspicious nature (such as unauthorized / fraudulent payments etc.). Similar paid orders are refunded and the goods are not delivered.

We cannot cancel orders if you have already received the activation code, as this item is no longer safe and secure and there is no way to re-sell that item.

We cannot cancel or refund an order, just because you don’t enjoy / like or use the product. Once you activate the code, it is permanently bonded to your account, therefore we cannot refund you

Due to the nature of the product and Digital Delivery, once ordered the product key will be emailed directly to you. As we are unable to stop this process and be unable to re-issue this unique Product Key, as soon as you have purchased your item this would become nonrefundable and you would be unable to cancel your order.

  1. Digital Delivery

As we offer digital products, we are unable to know the identity of the person who redeems the code. For each order placed, we track the delivery of the Product Key, and store vital details of when the code has been viewed by the customer, including the date, time, IP address. All of our Product Keys are guaranteed and checked.

  1. Error Code Issues

Redemption errors must be reported within 7 days of purchase. We are unable to offer refunds and/or replacements once this date has passed.

  1. Exchanges

If the software package is defective and/or cannot be resolved even after receiving assistance from our technical support team (Via Email), we will issue customers with a replacement product key for the same product purchased only.

Please note that exchanges are only available within 7 days of original purchase date.

How to initiate a Refund/Exchange

Please contact us via email

Please make sure you include Your Complete Name, Order Number, and Product Key stated on the order, and any accompanying images so we can locate your order and begin an investigation and resolution straight away.